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Stocking Loans

What Are Stocking Loans?

A Stocking Loan, also known as a Purchase Finance or Inventory Finance, is a great method of releasing capital against your inventory. Here are the some of the main reasons you may apply for a Stocking Loan:

  • Fast seamless process
  • No hidden charges
  • Release otherwise tied up funds
  • Short term flexible revolving facility

Why Choose A Stocking Loan?

Stocking loans have a variety of uses which are beneficial to your business, stocking loan benefits include:

  • Timely acquisition of funds
  • Funds can be released against all kinds of stock including raw materials and work in progress
  • Suitable for seasonal retailers
  • Completely confidential

You can release value from existing stock to improve your cash flow or funding position which allow you to take on new opportunities or support expansion. Stock Finance can help fund against different stock categories you own in a revolving facility while you retain ownership of the stock.

Stock Finance Features

  • This product is available alongside an Invoice Finance facility
  • Funds released against different categories of stock in a revolving facility while you retain ownership
  • Finished goods, raw materials and even work in progress is considered
  • Funds are released against the value of your stock while you retain ownership of it
  • This finance product is available on stock held domestically

Benefits of a stocking loan

  • Improve cash flow – Release funds that would otherwise be tied up
  • Flexibility – Helps businesses with seasonal fluctuations or high levels in stock
  • Matched funding – As your inventory increases your funding increases improving your cash flow
  • Invest – Use the funding to purchase more stock, invest in other areas of the business and fulfil commercial opportunities or minimise the cash absorbed in your business
  • Trusted team – Your funding could be managed by the same team who handle your Invoice Finance facility