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Plant Machinery

It’s tricky to assess the best way to purchase new machinery for your business.

Our team of business finance specialists here at Saffron Financial, are on hand to discuss your situation and source the most competitive finance for any plant and machinery – whether you want to purchase plant on finance, or lease your equipment.

We have years of experience in helping manufacturers, construction firms and engineering companies excel with plant machinery finance!

Asset Finance allows you to get hold of the plant and machinery that your business needs.

We make it easy for you, and it doesn’t require large sums of cash upfront from the business, enabling you to keep your cash flow under control.

It’s a versatile form of financing equipment used by many businesses, from large engineering firms to small parts manufacturers, because it keeps costs down and naturally helps to improve your cash flow position over the long term.

Benefits Of Plant Machinery Finance

  1. Immediate access to the machinery you need
  2. Leasing options that suit how your firm trades
  3. Hire Purchase options for title ownership after the period
  4. Tax-efficient financing
  5. Options to upgrade or update
  6. Easier budgeting with fixed payments / period
  7. Engineering machinery finance
  8. Finance for other tools and equipment

Case Study

A small parts manufacturer for the automotive sector was looking to expand its operations and remain the preferred supplier for an important customer.

A major part of the expansion involved upgrading the industrial equipment and CNC machines.

With the use of a competitive Hire Purchase finance solutions, the firm accessed the latest plant and machinery within weeks and held the title of the asset by the end of the agreement.