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Office Furniture Hire & Leasing

Office Furniture Hire & Leasing

If you’re furnishing an office but you don’t want to make a large up-front purchase, office furniture hire and leasing might be the best finance solution to suit your business needs.

With a variety of office furniture available to lease or hire, and a wide range of funders that we work with, there’s an option out there that could be perfect for your situation.

Why Lease Instead Of Buying?

In a word, flexibility. With any type of Equipment Leasing, the period of your contract is fairly short, and you’ll usually have the option to upgrade regularly too. This means that you can add or remove furniture and other equipment as your business needs change, and you’re not tied to depreciating items, that you’ve spent thousands on.

Maintenance is sometimes included in the office hire too, therefore you don’t need to worry if something goes wrong with the furniture.

Finance Office Furniture

Here’s some of the items that can be financed as office furniture:

  • Desks and tables
  • Office chairs
  • Freestanding screens
  • Conference furniture
  • Reception furniture
  • Storage, including pedestals, bookcases, filing cabinets and cupboards

Another benefit of leasing office furniture is a simple monthly cost. You don’t need to manage your cash flow around a large purchase, as with leasing you have a simple all-in-one monthly payment, making things that little bit more manageable.

It’s worth discussing leasing with your accountant, because many firms find this puts them in a better tax position, because the assets become an operating cost on your balance sheet.

All these factors make office furniture hire and leasing a stress-free way to fit out a brand new office for your company!

We have a fantastic, honest and reliable team of finance specialists at Saffron Financial ready to assist you!