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How Leasing Works

If your business relies on high value equipment that needs to be upgraded on a regular basis leasing is a great option! Replacing vehicles and plant regularly can be expensive, as can be keeping up with the latest developments in technology and the risks of depreciation can add to this burden.

To help with this we will buy the asset you need and lease it to you, helping you manage you cash flow much more effectively. Your monthly payments remain affordable, with the reduced responsibility of ownership as leasing transfers the risk of depreciating equipment to the lender.

You can lease assets you already own. This unlock the value in your high value items and releases cash, to develop your business or improve your cash flow and stability. We can also consolidate your existing leasing facilities into a single package. At Saffron Financial we take a much more personal approach, as we care about the future of your business!

Is your business suitable?

  • Yes: If you want to minimise the risk of ownership
  • Yes: If you are comfortable with monthly payments
  • Yes: If you are an established business that can demonstrate it can afford the payments
  • Yes: If you need to regularly replace equipment
  • Yes: If you’d like to structure payments to suit your cash flow

Why Choose to Lease?


  • Cost-effective: Leasing is an affordable way to access the assets you need without significant upfront costs
  • Choice: you can decide whether to return the equipment, extend the lease or buy it at the end of the term
  • Off balance sheet: certain structures of lease can create off balance sheet funding for your business
  • Tax efficient: you can reclaim VAT and offset repayment interest against profit (we advise asking your business advisor or accountant how this works for you)
  • Personal: we get to know our clients so we understand their long term goals as well as short term needs
  • Cash flow friendly: We can structure the payment profile to suit your business needs, easing the pressure on cash flow at critical times


  • Flexible payment structures with the ability to refinance existing assets
  • Return the assets earlier than planned if you don’t want to continue with the agreement, with possible early settlement charges
  • You don’t need to buy your equipment outright
  • Straightforward terms and monthly payments
  • Keep funds available for other business uses
  • You don’t have the responsibility of owning a depreciating asset
  • You have the freedom to return it at the end, extend your lease or purchase it