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Invoice Discounting

Release funds from unpaid invoices raised, while maintaining payment collection control

What is Invoice Discounting?

A brilliant way to free up capital in your unpaid invoices.

Invoice discounting allows businesses like yours to release cash against outstanding customer invoices. It differs from Invoice Factoring because you remain completely responsible for collecting the outstanding payments from your customer.

The benefit of this is that you can still maintain that personal relationship with your existing and key customers, without them ever knowing that you are using invoice discounting.

Can Invoice Discounting help my business?

Invoice discounting is designed to help your business grow!

It’s perfectly ideal for businesses who face cash flow challenges or want finance growth. Invoice Discounting can fill in the gap between raising a customer invoice and when the invoice is paid. By releasing that cash quickly, you can manage the day-to-day activities of your business and plan for growth with a sustainable cash flow that builds working capital.

Invoice Discounting, like Invoice Factoring, is flexible because this finance solution matches the performance of your business. The main benefit of this is that you will have the funds without the worry of struggling with high fixed repayments, as you would with a loan or credit card.

Reasons to choose Invoice Discounting


  • You can get cash against the value of your invoices as they are raised
  • The funds you have access to will grow in line with your sales
  • Your company will continue to liaise with your own customers for payments
  • This is a completely confidential process


  • Speed – Your business could have access to funds within hours to meet repayments or make important purchases
  • Control – Your company maintains the relationship with your customers because you manage your own credit control and sales ledger
  • Personal – We get to know our clients and their needs, who then continue to value our relationship
  • Confidentiality – Your customers will never know that you are using Invoice Discounting